Discover Awesome Freaking Bars and Get Their Shirts and Swag

Clear out your closet, high five your dog and start up your lawn mower powered go-kart, cause it's about to get real. Grit and glamor delivered straight to your door, giving you the chance to dress like a beer and turn your house into a giant memento to perfectly despicable public houses. Time travel into each bar at your virtual pleasure, get lost and drink to the gods of the greatest bars known to man......YOU’RE WELCOME.

 Monthly Subscription Box of Dive Bar and Pub Shirts

Bar Shirts of Exceptional Quality

 American-made Dive Bar Shirts, Pub Shirts, Tavern Shirts, Saloon Shirts, Honky-tonk Shirts

We deep dive into the history and culture each bar, and convert its soul into a killer design that’s then hand silkscreened on an American-made American Apparel, sexy-soft and well fitting shirt. You'll get that shirt, and you’ll wear it with pride! Other people will be jealous, maybe pissed. Drink a beer while you strut that shirt, better yet go to the damn bar wearing the shirt and get a free beer….maybe, maybe not, go and see what happens.    

Epic Bar Swag and Trophies

 Monthly Subscription Barware, Shot Glasses, Beer Mugs, Coasters

You like surprises, don't you? Fun fact, you’re adopted, how’s that for a surprise? Aside from being chastised by local bar goers, each month we’ll include brand spanking new stuff that compliments the experience of each bar. Swipe all that crap off your dresser, cabinet mantle or whatever, and get ready to build a fortress of liquor inspired goods with goodness that’ll make your home less full of sobriety and 100% more cheer.  


Bars in Stunning Virtual Reality

Pop out that glass eye and plug your noggin into the world of the bar using the free set of virtual reality bar goggles (iPhone & Android compatible) we toss your way. Open the bar’s door slowly or kick it in, either way dip yourself into the sensual slime of our favorite downtrodden saloons. Chat with a local, get in a fight with the tough guy or flirt with the bartender. Uncover the reasons that make these bars tough to love but even harder to forget, all without leaving your happy pace. So dive in, you do you.