Jack and Ginger's Irish Pub, Austin, TX

In the heart of the old IBM campus in Austin, Texas, lies a sunken basement filled with glorious kegs of beer.  The way into the air-chilled basement is unknown, but the view from the glass floor of the bar above gives fellow boozehounds a glimpse into this golden ale paradise.  The green glow of the neon lights basks all 72 different types of kegs in the beer cooler with a vibrancy that says, “drink them all.”  This basement and its fantastic commitment to a wide variety of the freshest beers is home to Jack and Ginger’s Irish Pub.  And yeah, they’ve got whiskey, lots of it.  
Established just a little over two years ago Jack and Ginger’s brings the heart of Ireland to an emerging urban-escape known as Rock Rose.  Filled with a variety of authentic Irish newspaper clippings, signs and raw Irish pride, Jack and Ginger’s is the Irish pub with all the trimmings.  Just north of downtown Austin, this budding social scene is home to upscale shopping, great food and some perfectly poured beers.  Nestled right in the heart of Rock Rose, Jack and Ginger’s boasts more than just beer, they claim to be the soccer viewing center of Austin, hosting more soccer viewing matches than anyone else.  Even on a regular weekday afternoon you can find matches being played on the big screens while locals sip their pints over some delicious bangers and mash.  


Jack and Ginger’s is the dreamchild of two brothers who wanted the place to feel like home, and it absolutely does.  With practically every inch covered in a warm mahogany panels, Jack and Ginger’s has got a lot, alot of wood, but don’t let that scare you.  It’s also got plenty of comfy leather tufted couches, a rolling warm fireplace, foosball, darts, a massive outdoor patio, home cooking, Irish car bombs, heavy handed bartenders, a cheery Irish bouncer and enough TV screens to burn your retinas out.  Come in for a weekend Footy Brunch and shoot some Jameson while you watch any other team except the USA play in the 2018 World Cup.  Don’t get too sad, there’s plenty of Texas craft beer to hug away your patriotic sorrows. 
With a nearby IBM campus you’ll still find a pocket protector or two in the pub but mostly soccer fans looking to scream in victory or huddle in humbleness as they watch their teams through the tele.  One of the best parts of being at Jack and Ginger’s is knowing that those IBMer nerds couldn’t figure out how to solve get drunk virtually by feeding their Watson machine more data.  It took two dudes with a penchant for partying to show them how to have fun.  

Now get out there and find your inner soccer hooligan at Jack and Ginger’s…


Jack and Ginger's Bar Shirt

This shirt’s design puts soccer front and center.  The player is wide-eyed and ready for some hair of the dog.  He’s sporting the Irish symbol for brotherhood on his jersey to reflect the familial atmosphere at Jack and Ginger’s, and the propensity to form some newly drunken friends who you’ll forget later.  On the player’s shorts is the Roman numeral two, a little hat tip to the brothers who started this place.  And Slainte is the Irish version of cheers.  And if you’re really sharp you’ll be able to spot the homage to IBM - the soccer ball has little eyelashes, akin to the IBM Watson logo.  Good thing that player is smashing it down, Jack and Ginger’s isn’t a place to code it’s a place to throw down some booze.