Alibis, San Antonio, TX

When Nick Johnson, owner of Alibis, managed to pony up enough cash (including selling his prized childhood baseball cards) to buy this hallmark bar in 2003, he had no idea about the rich history and people behind it all.  When he got the keys at 2am on a Sunday evening and stepped into the bar to revel in all its glory, one thing was for certain, it felt like home. 

Alibis was originally a quaint house built by an old curmudgeon lady (rumor was she shot at passersby) on the then outskirts of San Antonio in 1876.  Since its four walls went up, the house has gone through many transitions, and its latest identity as Alibis bar might be the one that sticks forever, or at least leaves the floors covered in beer.  A quick stumble from downtown, Alibis is all about the locals not the tourists.  Spurs fans flock here to scream in joy or dump shots onto their sorrows, nearby restaurant staff have a permanently reserved table past 11pm and all dogs are welcome.  Ailbis is the type of place you never want to leave, but Scott, the general manager, is always happy to kick you out.  


"When I walk in not only the bar staff but people that come here just made me feel at home.  And because of that I will never leave this place again.  Alibi's is amazing, and if you're not from San Antonio, Texas or Texas period, you need to come here and checkout Alibis."          - Robert G.

Get your ass to Alibis and ask Scott to pour you some Texas sourced spirits and beers.  If the planets align, make Rusty concoct a drink he calls, "Vacation," and be sure his flair is in full force.  And in the off chance Nick is throwing back beers while you're there, tell him Bottom of the Well sent you, and we guarantee he'll make it worth your while...or give you a tour of the "gutter".  At the very least once inside, try and find the Spurs drawing made on a prison bed sheet - legit! 

The shirt design encompasses several components of the Alibis' story.  First and foremost was the placement of the railroad, St. Paul's Square, which quickly converted the 1876 home into business after business, which is why the train is front and center.  We have the roses representing the women who frequented the then Blue Light Bar (circa 1904) matched with the crossed fingers that symbolized the army men hoping to get lucky that night.  The eye on the front of the train is meant to embody the spirit of progress and development, because the house has witnessed so much transition in it's hundred and thirty year history.  Finally the Alibi tagline, "Don't go home without one" rounds out the shirt design. 

Now get out there and find your inner boozehound at Alibis...

1141 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205