Authentic Bars, Real Stories, Good Lives. This is Where It Begins.

At Bottom of the Well, we strive, nay, sacrifice our lives to find the most glorious, booze-drenched, electric kool-aid buzzing bars that still grace this good world of ours. We implore everyone to visit each of these fine establishments, but we understand that's not always possible because of well, money. 

Don't fret or pee your pants! Each month we provide a Virtual Reality experience that enables you to explore the bar in all of its glory. Here are some of the bars we love. 

"Bottom of the Well is why I'm successful in life, in fact, I owe everything I've ever done to them, which isn't much, except if you count that really cool hand-drawn maze I did, or the tower of playing cards I built, or was it the tiled mosaic toilet seat I gave to my sister for her birthday.  EITHER WAY, without Bottom of the Well let's just say I'd be back cutting down cherry trees"  - George Washington

Bars, speakeasies, taverns and saloons around the world are responsible for creating a social fabric for all those who come through their doors, be it regulars or rubberneckers.  We owe it to the barkeeps ten times over for their dedication to pouring a strong drink, perfect beer and salacious shot to anyone that bellies up to their bar.  Thanks for creating the memories and dulling old ones, cheers to you and here's to the next hundred years!