We've all had days, weeks and months where the world was plotting against you at every step. Your lover left, best friend stabbed you in the back, lost your job, ran out of beer, got your TV stolen, car's engine blew-up, etc, etc. It all sucks and we're here to help! Here's to giving it the middle finger and putting a big fat smile on your face, because we've got just the cure to ease that ache.  

Simply fill out the form below with your sh*tty story, and every month we'll send the winner with the best story, booze in some way, shape or form. Let's admit it, almost any of life's potholes can be smoothed out with some booze.  

Share your anguish. Win some firewater. Let the world hear your story!

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There's no better therapy then pouring it all out on a barstool over some booze
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